I was looking for ideas around Open Access, as I kind of have some problems. Issues come into my head of dislocation and ambiguity – a ‘laissez-faire’.  I got it from the net’ is beginning to have a ring of truth, of confidence about it.  As though information from the Internet has a validity about it that your mother does’nt. In the Health Sciences certainly it is a tested  source of up to date information and serves a multitude of purposes.  I have selected two quotes from an article I read called “Tactical Memory: The politics of openness in the construction of memory” by Sandra Bremann.

I think the author is pointing to a collective force, a colloboration of will as in the peace protests over Iraq –

 “The implications for tactical memory are obvious: Sustain social networks over time. Collaborate on memory activities (downloading and circulating key documents, for example). And multiply content sites so critical memory can’t be destroyed”

“This brief investigation into threats to openness and weaknesses in tactics believed to take advantage of openness point to a dilemma for the openness movement: all structures of open content, all uses of open content, and all processes by which open content is acquired, developed, or created, are voluntary contributions to the panspectron that can then in turn be mined for analysis of possible inference attacks and identification of individuals who might be considered politically dangerous. ”  First Monday