I am still remembering my days in the operating theatre, I did have a favorite task, it was looking after the swab rack.  In my memory the procedure was counting the swabs given out and collecting them as the operation progressed and doing a recount so one ended a tally of the number of swabs used. There was I remember a swab rack on which to place the swabs for easy counting. The swabs themselves would change colour going form white, initial antiseptic, to yellow as iodine is applied to  and then a various shades of red, eventually returning to the dirty yellow of the iodine.  It was not a very good when a swab got lost Surgeons generally would throw them everywhere for the swab nurse to pick up using long tongs. (nowadays I this procedure  is different).  It is – I have linked to my old hospital, it would appear I nursed a long time ago in a distant land.  

                                               Swab Rack