One of my favorite artists is Theodore Wan.  Check this guy out I think some of his work should replace the downtown Terry Fox Memorial . Wan’ worked at the junction of disconnect.  He enables us to see the dehumanising process of medical techniques fused with  human sensivity.

“When an artist dies young, it’s tempting to read premonitions of death into every work he creates. Theodore Wan, one of Canada’s rising stars of photoconceptualism during the 1970s, died of cancer in Vancouver in 1987, at the age of 33. His practice, which also included performance, text works, correspondence art, video, and a hilarious official name change (to Theodore Saskatche Wan, after a Prairie hamlet on the Trans-Canada Highway), took as its principal.”

             bridine2.jpg                              bridine1.jpg

A mark on his body, a mark on us – see also CMAJ