not sure what you are up to …are you… Developing Personal / visceral Narrative as an ordering/tagging indexing device. A kind of time (narrative flow) based folksonomy – Nothing special here as this seems to be the nature and potential of Bloggs but your own approach is to foreground material from a nurses inner narrative –

But then you inter-cut your dialog with critical theory, cultural studies and
art materials – ultimately hoping to reveal the indexing function of the
blog in from a library perspective in a rich and engaging flow?? Maybe this
is what you are doing.

Well, yes kind of ….I thought the idea of using my memories from nursing to engage with health issues today..was a weaving of elements  ….my past, my present.  My nursing experience and my library experience.  What I did’nt put into the picture was that I also have a B.A in English Literature. This may account for my need to bring in art and critical dialogue.  I wanted to use the blogg to massage these elements and look at their interconnectivity as they appear to me – a potential librarian. I also love the term ‘information seeker’  to me it conjures up detective like images and magical forays into unknown worlds, like for example the world of medicine. I am just taking my back pack with me.