On a daily basis bags and tubes wounds and stitches had to be cared for and cleaned, this is were I came in. One day I remember I was changing a stoma bag or trying to (it was really infected) and a big tear from my eye dropped right into the wound. I turned to the patient and said “if only tears could heal” I found that both of us were crying. A stoma care nurse came to the bedside and she took me into the sluice (for privacy)  and this is what she said,. “Talk to them, Jane” …talk to whom I said somewhat baffled. “the wounds Jane, talk to them…. OK I said drying my eyes. So I went back in and said to the patient…this is what we have got to do and I talked to the wounds… pretty soon we were laughing because it felt so incredibly insane. What we had done was separate the mind from the body. the disease from the person.
The patient gained control over the distress and I dealt with the wound care. Actually, this is probably very boring but we started saying things like ‘I have you in stitches if you don’t heal up.” The image is Green Tara  one of the 21 manifestations of the goddess Tara, who helps us face our fears. Also the name of my daughter.