In looking for further information on nursing classification schemes. I came across this unifed approach which would link some schemes. This extract is taken from a paper – Is one Taxonomy needed for Health Care Vocabularies and Classifications? written in 1998 the article envisages  a networked information system.

“Information entered manually or into the electronic patient record is sent (virtually) to a router, where information is tagged or categorized, and text and/or objects are channeled to either a chunker or mapper.

Together servers, chunkers, matchers, mappers and routers can be used to

  • link nursing literature with a data repository of nursing information extracted, for example, from an academic medical center, a nursing home, and a community care clinic;

  • integrate into NIC, NOC, NANDA, Omaha, and/or the Home Health Classification system; and

  • include all CINAHL terms, and the Metathesaurus of UMLS to form a nursing knowledge server in the U.S. “

The use of these classifications may move nursing into a professional practice and away from the traditional vocational practice of nursing.