“Beautiful Britain The Scenery and the Splendors of the United Kingdom Views of our Stately Homes”

London.  Werener company of Chicago.


“The sturdy British belief that the United Kingdom is the best place in the world is supported by as strong a belief that the people of these Islands have made it so. … We find that Englishmen,-and Irishmen and Scots and Welsh: Queens men -have in them some rare simplicity that makes them all men the best artificers at the fine old mystery of Country-making. It is hand-made, all of it, the beauty of Britain . The working hours were centuries, and the sweat of toil was the blood of wars. … After the getting-by -night and the holding-by-right came the task of making better; and after that the hardest task of all perhaps-the long keeping-in-order….The walls that saw the childhood of our empire stand the new ideas change and pass away. And at heart we are still the same stout race -fearing God and loving our Queen.”

The introduction in this book interested me because of the assumptions with which it was written there is no-author just a lot of pictures of stately homes –  I am reminded of an advertising slogan  used in in BC. “British Columbia the best place on earth”  –