The religious group that tried to take children out of Haiti, I see as a microcosm of what’s happening in this disaster zone. Everyone is rushing in there with no idea who they are helping – my one question  – are religious agencies using Haiti as a tool to feel compassion?

My dilemma is that I know tragedy has struck but  I feel the Haitians and especially the children do not need to be taken away.  I’m not sure –  but in the west there are processes of recovery and stages of grieving does this not apply to Haiti too.  Shouldn’t America give a hand to hold and financial support while the Haitians come to terms with their tragedy.

If ultimately it looks like  Haiti is (and probably was)  one big adoption clinic, so what’s  the rush. Make sure people are safe, healthy and fed and then take their young? Really don’t take the kids when the parents are in shock.  Soon the only thing  that will belong to Haiti will be the quake itself.  Stop relocating their future.

Also think about Haiti’s tradition beliefs I found this link interesting.