I have been meaning to blog about this for ages. my intention is not to spoil Herta Muller’s book for anyone but I want to point out an amazing piece of writing I found that I can only compare to Henry James character Mrs Verloc in the Secret Agent – this is the excerpt from The Appointment

I asked for a piece of poppy-seed cake , rummaged in a bag for my wallet. and felt something that didn’t belong to me. I walked a few yards to a bench. put the cake down on my lap, and took out the littleĀ package. was wrapped in yellow-gray paper, the ends were firmly twisted as if around a piece of candy, there was something hard inside. I opened the little packet and strained to see wha tit was. What I saw was not a cigarette or a twig. it wasnt a parsnip, and it wasn’t a birds claw, it was a finger with a bluish-black nail.. I quickly stuffed it back in my bag.

Muller, H. The Appointment . Metropolitan Books.,New York.2001. p141

Now I shall find the excerpt from The Secret Agent…