I have moved my desk away from the alleys and I cannot see them. I can though hear them. There is a lot of activity one of my favorites is the push of a shopping cart along the alley and up or down the hill, it’s the sound of the time a shopping cart like someone pulling a cage along the street but in this case the cage is filled with a home being pushed by someone who should be pulling.

My next intrigue is the Chinese women who work in the alleys – I think they work all day on sowing machines but they chatter on the way to the mighty shift and they chatter oh, how they natter, on the way back out of the alley.  I can hear them (either I pass them in the street or I hear them in the summer thorough an open window),  I am always reminded of a line in, The Love Song of Alfred J Purlock

In the room the women come and go talking of Michelangelo